A 100 (2020)

A 100 [digital release]
The sound of the Berlin city highway

release by Cronica cronicaelectronica.org/releases/156

  1. Flow (07:58)
  2. Standby (04:50)
  3. Spectral (10:30)
  4. Pulse (05:28)

Sam Auinger: Electronics
Hannes Strobl: Electric Bass Guitar, Electric Uprightbass
David Moss: Voice on “Standby”

composed and performed by tamtam©2020

After many hours hearing the A100

It makes the city pulse
Coloured in greys
An object with:
characteristics + dynamics
seasons + routines
rushes + accidents

It divides, builds boundaries, occupies territory.
It is two-faced and multi-directional.
It dreams, arranges, progresses.
It enables and connects.
It is massive. It is experience.
It screams. It erases.
Composed of unwalkable expanses.
Hear it roar and roar and roar…