bewegte luft (2007)

Bewegte Luft [soundinstallation] 29.05. – 01.12.2007 Ferdinandeum |Tiroler Landesmuseum Innsbruck (A)

24 sound images in the duration of 30-45 seconds – created from a series
Recordings of the sound sphere of Innsbruck (2005-2007) are the material of the installation.

3 pairs of loudspeakers divide the long „sound space“ into beginning, middle
and end.Only 1 pair of speakers sounds at a time.Each sound image, the direction of the room
The sound space in the Ferdinandeum is a bright and brightly coloured
light-flooded corridor with a length of ca.35m, a width of ca.4m and a
Room height of about 5m – a „reverberant“ room.

A red carpet (runner) leads the exhibition visitor to a brown
Plastic sofa at the end of the corridor. This is the preferred listening and observation place
of the installation. Sitting on the sofa we find a map on the right side of the wall,
which shows the settlement and
street structure of the city of Innsbruck. With red dots the
recording locations of the 24 sound images are marked.

The left corridor wall is an outer wall, divided by large windows and doors,
which gives us a view of the urban hustle and bustle on Museum Street. The rights
is divided by stairways and exits as well as two passages.

Sounds enter the room from both directions. Every room has its own sound,
due to its size, architectural form and the materials used.
All sounds are „colored“ by the installation space.

The compositional structure of the work forms each sound image in its second
Repeat in the near field. In the 1st and 2nd ap play position, the farthest,
the room itself comes into play: only in the near field is the spatial sound
Sound image „masked“.

From the interaction of the sound material of the installation, the sound events
inside and outside of the museum, as well as the colouring of the museum by the room,
presumptive, cognitive, thinking and musical hearing can be developed.
This hearing needs time.

The basic material of the work are 24 soundscapes, recorded in Innsbruck
between 2005 and 2007. The duration of the recordings are between 30-45 seconds.

studio simulation of the basic idea with digital reverbs