livingtypes.compiler (2006)

livingtypes.compiler [music for dance] 21. – 23.04.2006

Directed by  Jo Fabian | Tanzkongress Deutschland
Tesla im Podewils´schen Palais | Berlin (D)

Dancers: Rocco Hauff, Ralf Kittler, Kerstin Rünzel, Annegret Thiemann
Light modul: Jo Schramm
Sound modul: tamtam
Video and dance modul: Jo Fabian

Visitors are not allowed to enter the area in the middle of the room, which is clearly marked as a stage by the lighting and sand covering, but they can move freely around the room and intervene in the action on the stage via five keyboards set up at the edge of the stage. They can control light, sound, video in space and the movements of the dancers (two or four depending on the performance) on stage. „The dancers do not come out of their dressing rooms with a finished choreography, but are choreographed by the audience. This is made possible by the „alpha system“ developed by Fabian, which transforms text into dance by connecting individual letters with certain dance movements.