locked out (2009)

Locked Out [radiopiece]
The Organization JEL organize the Radiophonic Creation Day

While Digital Radio (DAB) is spreading all over Europe, it’s time to remember that, since its
birth, the radio has always been a medium for creativity and not just a powerful means of
communication, capable of the best as much as the worst.

This idea is still true for many radio and Web radio stations around the world which celebrate
radiophononic creation everyday, through the production of inventive and surprising sound pieces.
On May 23rd 2009, from midnight to midnight, will thus be set up the first international
Radiophonic Creation Day, a 24h programming devoted to radio creation. More than 40 radios and
artists, coming from 12 different countries, produced sound pieces that will be broadcast in
streaming on the festival website and on FM via 9 radios in Europe.

This festival is not only a way of showcasing the lively contemporary radiophonic creation scene,
but also to introduce this art to a wider audience. The Radiophonic Creation Day attempts to
include every aspect of radiophonic creation by proposing radio plays, creative documentaries,
field recording, experimental and concrete music, sound poetry, Hörspiels and unidentified sound

We hope this event will inspire the production of creative programming in European radio stations
and accelerate the setting up of a found to help radiophonic creation. Nowadays, this neglected
art still suffers from a lack of financial help that continually threatens its position among the
radio production line.

locked out