raumfarben 03 (2011)

raumfarben 03 [soundinstallation] 28.05 – 25. 09 2011
Tyrolean State Museum Ferdinandeum and Klangspuren SCHWAZ Tyrol

In 2009, tamtam developed a sound installation for the interior of the St. Aegidien Church
in Braunschweig as part of the Sound Art Festival „stadtklaenge II klangstaetten“. This
installation marked the first extension of their series of works „farben/raumfarben“
(colours/spatial colours) from previously just indoor and outdoor secular spaces to sacred
and symbolic spaces.

Raumfarben 03 is a sound installation for the interior of the Jesuit Church in Innsbruck. It
creates a soundscape which works on the visitors‘ sense of space and time and the emotional
perception of an interior and makes the architecture of the church speak. The starting point
for the sound installation raumfarben 03 is the church interior and its function as a
resonance chamber as well as the ambient noise entering the church from outside and the
social, functional and rhythmic structure of this noise. The way the church architecture
„speaks“ and the external noises that can be heard inside form the basis for the composition
strategy and its sound language.

The 16 spatial colours composed for the installation activate the architecture of this Early
Baroque church and allow it to speak in different ways in its sub-division into low, middle
and high registers.

The spatial colour cycle of the sound installation raumfarben 03 lasts 62 minutes. The spatial
composition develops its own particular character depending on the day of the week, the time
of day (light) and the interaction with the audible activities from both inside and
outside (the sound).

colour 01

colour 02

colour 03

colour 04

colour 05