raumfarben 06 (2014)

excerpt – colour 01: high register, spectral

excerpt – colour 02: low register, warm-dark

excerpt – colour 03: high register, bright-noisy texture

excerpt – colour 04: low register, dark-physically

excerpt – colour 05: high mid register, glissandi

excerpt – colour 06: mid register, warm

raumfarben 06 [soundinstallation] in cooperation with „mikromusik“ 10.09. – 19.09. 2014 
Festival for experimental music and sound art St.Johannes Evangelist church, Auguststr.90, 10117 Berlin

raumfarben 06 is a sound installation for the interior of the St.Johannes- Evangelist church in
Berlin-Mitte. It creates a soundscape which works on the visitors‘ sense of space and time and the
emotional perception of an interior and makes the architecture of the church speak. The starting point
for the sound installation raumfarben 06 is the church interior and its function as a resonance chamber
as well as the ambient noise entering the church from outside and the social, functional and rhythmic
structure of this noise.

The way the church architecture „speaks“ and the external noises that can be heard inside form the basis
for the compositionstrategy and its sound language.

The spatial colours composed for the installation activate the architecture and allow it to speak in
different ways in its sub-division into low, middle and high registers.

The spatial colour cycle of the sound installation raumfarben 06 lasts 50 minutes

Technical Director: Thomas Koch
thanks to: Katrin Emler, Dany Scheffler