raumfarben 07 (2018)

raumfarben 07
[soundinstallation] tamtam with d&b audiotechnik, Festival Drehmoment 06.–28.10.2018
Backnang/Church St. Johannes

composed and produced by tamtam
Technical implementation: d&b audiotechnik

Live performance of the piece Rheingold composed by tamtam

Sam Auinger: Electronic
Hannes Strob:Electric Upright Bass
Reiner Schult: Church Organ


Many thanks to: Bella Staiber, Jonas Wagner,Christian Knoll,Luca Metzger
Jan Depner, Uwe Horn, Georg Stummer , Kay Lange

The raumfarben 07 sound installation created by composers and sound artists Sam Auinger and
Hannes Strobl is designed to increase our awareness of the key role that hearing plays in our
perception of the world. The concept for the installation at St Johannes Church in Backnang was
developed in conjunction with the local company d&b audiotechnik. It comprises a combination of
loudspeakers, amplifiers and software that discreetly blends with the church’s interior.
The artists then composed a 60-minute piece to played through the sound system. It incorporates
recordings of instruments made in the church, as well as pre-recorded studio sounds designed to
integrate seamlessly with the sounds and noises of the church.

The various sound spectrums produced by the loudspeakers, from broadband to horn to subwoofer,
ensure that the visible structure of the church architecture is reflected in the aural.
But the composition does more than simply reference the architecture. It also raises our awareness of
the sounds that drift into the church from outside.

tamtam reveals the fact that the sounds have their own inner rhythm. The church acts as a
resonator so that the sounds have a different effect depending on the time of day, the weather or the
day of the week. tamtam invites us to examine how acoustic impressions affect our emotions and
sense of space and time. Sam Auinger and Hannes Strobl question the dominance of the visual in our
culture. Their work calls on us to listen – and to join in a discussion on hearing.

Spatial Colours Cycle in 11 Parts:

01 High Register, Noise
02 Low Register, Oscillating
03 Glissandi
04 Noisy Space Texture
05 High Register, Oscillating with Ambience
06 Deep Register, Machine
07 High Register, Metal with Rhythmic Ambience, Fugue
08 Middle Register – Spectral
09 Instrumental Spatial Texture
10 Low and High Register – Microtonal
11 White noise