3 Farben

18. 05. – 02. 06. 2016

RESONANZEN Großer Garten

3 Farben  [soundinstallation]
Resonanzen, Kunstfestspiele Herrenhauses, Großer Garten, Hannover (D)
Curator: Cartsen Seiffarth

Sam Auinger and Hannes Strobl refer to „colours“ as a special form of sound installation in
space, which they have been developing together since 2003. „Colours“ are both
long-term compositions as well as poetic sound spaces, in which
the viewer experiences a place as an instrument and with it a kind of inner
dialogue can take place. The basis of the installations is the space, its architectural,
functional and social characteristics, which are also reflected in its sound, the
sounds and their rhythms. From the precise observations of these
acoustic coloration of a place, tamtam gain their compositional material.

3 Farben is a three-part sound installation on the southern edge of the baroque garden.
The two corner pavilions there are interior spaces shielded by domes, at the same time
but open rotundas, where the noise of the nearby highway and the surrounding
penetrates almost unbroken from all sides. Through invisible loudspeakers
indirectly played in the domes, tamtam transform the pavilions into individual
listening rooms, in which the observer is exposed to the constant interplay of outside
and can acoustically track inside. In the middle between these two
pavilions, a concrete loudspeaker cube marks a third, this time open
Listening room with a likewise special local colour. The composition connects the
loudspeaker radiating in all directions with the most powerful sound generator
the baroque complex: the large fountain.