urban dialog shanghai (2013)

Urban Dialog Shanghai [performance] 05.10.2013
ESSA Conference Berlin 2013 – Ufo Sound Studios Berlin

Sam Auinger: Sampler, Field Recordings
Hannes Strobl: Electric Bass, Field Recordings

tamtam’s work serie „urban dialog“ are compositions which have in common to be based
on fieldrecordings from different urban situations all over the world done by sam auinger
and hannes strobl.
for each piece an orchester of sounds is choosen and defined. depending on the piece this
orchester contains between 5 to 10 long flows of fieldrecordings as well as a set of bass
sounds and playing technics. after this process all chosen materials are understood as pure
musical material with no meaning so ever.
during an experimental process in the studio, musical structures are getting worked out
and the piece is considered finished at the moment it can be performed in one take.